Stuff I know about

  • I received my BFA from NYU for Acting and studied Directing in the MFA program at USC

  • I did not come from money or an industry family and I have never funded my own work since film school

  • My work has screened in over 100 film festivals around the world including Tribeca and SXSW

  • I have participated in the Film Independent Fast Track program & WeForShe

  • I have experience optioning, developing, pitching (both to independent companies and studios & networks) and directing feature films

  • I've Directed one hour single camera tv

  • I am very aware and knowledgeable of the issues surrounding and challenges specific to women in film.  Some of which apply to other underrepresented groups.

  • I worked in production of commercials and music videos for 20 years and can speak to that aspect of the industry as well.

  • I have applied to and been rejected from just about every program on the planet but have participated in others and am doing just fine.  As will you.

Filmmaker Consultation


I get asked pretty much weekly by complete strangers to talk with them about filmmaking goals and I really do want to help but I also need to prioritize my own work so normally I decline. But here is another way.


I’m going to occasionally make myself available to do one on one filmmaker consults.  You want me.  You gotta pay for me.  



$60/30 mins

Audio Skype or phone call.  Pay upon scheduling.  No refunds.  No rescheduling.


One on one. I’m all yours (or whoever you’re giving me to as a gift). If I know about it, I’ll tell you about it.

What I will do

  • I can advise you on your career and life as a filmmaker

  • I can help you strategize your next steps or long term goals

  • I am happy to answer any questions about the business and my experiences that are not covered by some dumb NDA


What I will not do

  • I cannot advise on crowdfunding.  Never done it.  Know nothing about it. I can refer you.

  • I will not read your script.  I can refer you to a script reader if coverage is something you need.

  • I will not watch your work.  

  • I will not introduce you to anyone.

  • These consults are one off and should not be considered relationships or an expression of my recommendation of your work.